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    Mặc định Thuật ngữ viết tắt trong viễn thông quang

    Để bổ sung cho danh sách các thuật ngữ viễn thông nói chung, sau đây là danh sách tổng hợp các thuật ngữ viễn thông quang theo thứ tự A, B, C để mọi người tiện tra cứu. Những thuật ngữ này sẽ được cập nhật dần lên từ điển công nghệ. Mong mọi người cùng đóng góp.


    ADC - Analog to Digital Conversion
    ADSL - Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Loop
    AOTF - Acousto-optic tunable filter
    APD - Avalanche photodiode
    AR - Auto Regressive
    ARMA - Auto Regressive Moving Average
    ASE - Amplified Spontaneous Emission
    ATM - Asynchronous transfer mode
    AWG - Arrayed waveguide grating


    B2B - Back-to-Back
    BCPN - Broadband customer premises network
    BER - Bit Error Rate
    BPF - Bandpass Filter
    BPON - Broadband passive optical network
    BSF - Blue Shifted Filtering


    CATV Cable television
    CCD - Charge Coupled Device
    CD - Chromatic Dispersion
    CDC - Chromatic Dispersion Compensator
    CH - Carrier Heating
    CG - Concave grating
    CO - Central Office
    CPN - Customer-premise network
    CS-RZ - Carrier suppressed return to zero
    CW - Continuous Wave


    DBFA - Dual-band fiber amplifier
    DBR - Distributed Bragg Reflector
    DCR - Digital Communications Analyser
    DCF - Dispersion Compensating Fibre
    DCM - Dispersion Compensating Module
    DCS - Digital cross-connect systems
    DFB - Distributed Feedback
    DFG - Difference Frequency Generation
    DFE - Decision Feedback Equalizer
    DGE - Dynamic Gain Equalizer
    DGD - Differential Group Delay
    DI - Differential Interferometer
    DOF - Degree of Freedom
    DOFA - Distributed optical fiber amplification
    DOP - Degree of polarisation
    DPSK - Differential phase shift keying
    DQPSK - Differential quadrature phase shift keying
    DRA - Distributed Raman Amplifier
    DSF - Dispersion shifted fiber
    DSP - Digital Signal Processing
    DWDM - Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
    DXC - Digital cross-connect


    EAM - Electro Absorption Modulator
    ECL - External Cavity Laser
    ED - Error Detector
    EDFA - Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier
    EDWA - Erbium Doped Waveguide Amplifier
    EI - External Injection
    EM - Electro Magnetic
    EM - Electro Mitigation
    EO - Eye Opening
    EOP - Eye Opening Penalty
    ER - Extinction Ratio
    ETDM - Electrical Time Division Multiplexing.
    ESBG - Electronically switchable Bragg grating


    FBG - Fibre Bragg Grating
    FCA - Free Carrier Absorption
    FDDI - Fiber distributed data interface
    FDM - Frequency division multiplexing
    FEC - Forward Error Correction codes
    FFE - Feed Forward Equalizer
    FOPA - Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifier
    FP - Fabry–Perot
    FPA - Fabry–Perot Amplifier
    FPI - Fabry–Perot Interferometer
    FREAG - Frequency-Resolved Electro-Absorption Gating
    FROG - Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating
    FSK - Frequency shift keying
    FSR - Free Spectral Range
    FSWDM - Full spectrum wavelength division multiplexing
    FT - Fourier Transform
    FTIR - Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy
    FTTH - Fibre-to-the-Home
    FWHM - Full Width at Half Maximum
    FWM - Four Wave Mixing
    FXC - Fiber cross-connect


    GDR - Group Delay Ripple
    GPIB - General Purpose Interface Bus
    GS - Gain saturation
    GVD - Group Velocity Dispersion


    HDTV - High Definition Television
    HNLF - Highly Nonlinear Fiber
    HDWDM - High Density Wavelength Division Multiplexing


    ICT - Information and Communications Technology
    IFWM - Interchannel Four Wave Mixing
    IOG - Integrated optics gratings
    IP - Internet protocol
    ISDN - Integrated service digital network
    ISI - Inter Symbol Interference
    ITU - International Telecommunication Union
    IXPM - Intrachannel cross-phase modulation




    LAN - Local area network
    LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
    LC - Liquid Crystal
    LEAF - Large effective area fiber
    LED - Light emitting diode
    LEADSF - Large effective area dispersion shifted fiber
    L FBG - Linear Fibre Bragg Gratings
    LEF - Linewidth Enhancement Factor
    LH - Light Hole
    LPCVD - Low pressure chemical vapor deposition
    LWPF - Long wavelength pass filter


    MAN - Metropolitain area network
    MEMS - Microelecto-mecanical system
    MI - Modulationnal Instability
    MOCVD - Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
    MONET - Multiwavelength optical networking
    MOCPE - Metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
    MPLS - Multiprotocol label switching
    MPS - Multiprotocol lambda switching
    MQW - Multiquantum well
    MZ - Mach Zehnder
    MZI - Mach Zehnder Interferometer
    MZM - Mach Zehnder Modulator


    NALM - Nonlinear Amplifying Loop Mirror
    NF - Noise figure
    NIU - Network interface units
    NL FBG - Nonlinearly Chirped Fibre Bragg Grating
    NLSE - Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
    NOLM - Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror
    NRZ - Non-Return-to-Zero
    NZDSF - Nonzero dispersion shifted fiber


    OA - Optical Amplifier
    OADM - Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer
    OBS - Optical burst switching
    OBX - Out of Band Crosstalk
    OC - Optical carriers
    ODL - Optical Delay Line
    OEO - Optical-Electrical-Optical
    ONU - Optical network unit
    OOK - On/Off Keying
    OSA - Optical Spectrum Analyser
    OSNR - Optical Signal to Noise Ratio
    OTDM - Optical Time Division Multiplexing
    OXC - Optical cross-connector


    PBS - Polarisation Beam Splitter
    PC - Polarisation Controller
    PCD - Polarization-dependent Chromatic Dispersion
    PCF - Photonic Crystal Fiber
    PDF - Probability Density Function
    PDG - Polarization Dependent Gain
    PDL - Polarization Dependent Loss
    PDLC - Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal
    PM - Phase Modulation
    PMD - Polarisation mode dispersion
    PMF - Polarization Maintaining Fiber
    PNM - Polymer Network Morphology
    PolDM - Polarization Division Multiplexing
    Psat - Saturation Power
    PRBS - Pseudo Random Bit Sequence
    PROF - Pulse Reformatting Optical Filter
    PMDC - PMD compensator
    PPL - Passive photonic loop
    PRBS - Pseudo-random binary sequence
    PSBT - Phase shaped binary transmission
    PSCF - Possitive slope compensating fiber
    PSD - Power Spectral Density
    PSP - Principal state of polarisation
    PWR - Passive wavelength router


    QD - Quantum Dots
    QW - Quantum Wells


    RDF - Reverse dispersion fiber
    RF - Radio Frequency
    rms - root-mean-square
    RSF - Red Shifted Filtering
    RT - Remote terminal
    Rx - Receiver
    RZ - Return-to-Zero


    SA - Saturable Absorber
    SBS - Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
    SC - Supercontinuum
    SCF - Slope-compensating fiber
    SCM - Subcarrier multiplexing
    SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
    SDL - Simple data link
    SHB - Spectral Hole Burning
    SHG - Second Harmonic Generation
    SLA - Semiconductor Laser Amplifier
    SLALOM - Semiconductor Laser Amplifier in a Loop Optical Mirror
    SLID - Solid Liquid Inter-Diffusion
    SLM - Spatial light modulator
    SM - Single-mode
    SMSR - Side Mode Suppression Ratio
    SMZI - Symmetric Mach Zehnder Interferometer
    SNR - Signal to Noise Ratio
    SOA - Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
    SONET - Synchronous Optical Network
    SOP - State of Polarization
    SPM - Self Phase Modulation
    SPU - Signal processing unit
    SRS - Stimulated Raman Scattering
    SSG - Superstructure grating
    SSMF - Standard Single Mode Fiber
    SWPF - Short wavelength pass filter


    TBG - Tunable Bragg Grating
    TBP - Time-Bandwidth-Product
    TDM - Time Division Multiplexing
    TE - Transverse Electric
    TM - Transverse Magnetic
    TMLL - Tunable Mode-Locked Laser
    TOAD - Terahertz Optical Amplifier Demultiplexer
    TPA - Two Photon Absorption
    TPSR - Temporal Pedestal Suppression Ratio
    Tx - Transmitter
    TWA - Travelling Wave Amplifier


    UNI - Ultrafast Nonlinear Interferometer
    UV - Ultra-violet


    VC - Virtual container
    VCSEL - Vertical-cavity surface emitting laser
    VHDWDM - Very High Density Wavelength Division Multiplexing
    VOA - Variable Optical Attenuator


    WADM - Wavelength add/drop multiplexer
    WAN - Wide area network
    WBXC - Wavebande cross-connect
    WDM - Wavelength Division Multiplexing
    WIXC - Wavelength-interchanging cross-connect
    WSXC - Wavelength-selective cross-connect
    WTDM - Wavelength time division multiplexing


    XGM - Cross Gain Modulation
    XPM - Cross Phase Modulation



    ZDW - Zero Dispersion wavelength
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    Mặc định

    Còn sơ sài lắm! ^^ Mọi người bổ sung nhé
    Quang Trung

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    Ngày nào vào đọc lại topic này thấy các từ đều có link là đạt yêu cầu !

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    Ngoài ra bạn có thể đọc trong cuốn "Thông tin về Quang" của NXB Tổng cục bưu điện, khá chi tiết.

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    Mặc định Từ điển

    Đây là cuốn từ điển viết tắt các thuật ngữ điện tử viễn thông hi vọng giúp ích cho các bạn
    Đường đời là một bậc thang không chót
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    hihi thanks rùi nhưng vẫn muốn hỏi mấy câu..Tienlen học ptit khóa mấy vậy?

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    anh tienlen ơi!
    link down bị hỏng rùi...
    anh up lại hộ em với.....

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    Lightbulb BBdict

    Anh em xài đê!.
    File được đính kèm File được đính kèm

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    Mặc định

    Trích Nguyên văn bởi thaok47 Xem bài viết
    Anh em xài đê!.
    bác ơi cho em hỏi để add cái này vào Blackberry thì làm thế nào hả bác ?

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    Mặc định

    kể bác dịch ra hộ lun thì tốt

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