PhD position: Advanced multiple access techniques for UDN.
It is envisioned that the fifth generation (5G) will meet the continuously increasing demands for future wireless applications, including ultra-high data rate, an ultra-wide radio coverage, ultra- large number of devices, and ultra-low latency.
Hence, a lot of research efforts and propositions are starting to emerge in order to address these challenges. Among these propositions, Ultra-Dense Network (UDN) is proposed to satisfy seamless coverage and boost the network capacity. As a consequence, the ultra-dense cellular network is emerging as one of the core characteristics of 5G cellular networks. The basic idea is to get the access nodes as close as possible to the end users. The realization of this promising solution is done by the dense deployment of small cells in hotspots where immense traffic is generated. However, the study and research work of UDN networks is in an initial stage. Some basic studies, such as the network architecture, and novel access techniques to support massive connections need to be further investigated for future 5G cellular networks. The main goal of this research project is to propose and design advanced multiple-access techniques, which fit the requirements of emerging UDN wireless networks in terms of connectivity, while improving the throughput, and system capacity.

Candidates with strong analytical skills in wireless communication theory are encouraged to apply.
The successful PhD candidate must hold a master in Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics.
A high level of self-motivation, very good English communication skills (oral and writing), and
the ability to work independently, as well as, in a team are essential. The successful PhD may also
be actively engaged in master’s student mentoring.
Moreover, successful candidate must have good programming skills (Matlab, C, and Python) and
deep understanding of wireless networks and protocols.

The location of the position is in Lacime Lab at ETS (Univ of Quebec), Montreal Canada.
Selected candidate will receive a competitive and generous fellowship

Application Requirements:
Only applications providing all application requirements will be considered further. Applicant
requirements are as below:
1- Detailed CV.
2- Transcripts of Master and Bachelor degrees
2- Contact details of at least two references.
Interested applicants should send their complete application package as a single pdf file to: Please use as subject for your email: UDN PhD application.